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Impress your friends with your understanding of the most recent theories for how life originated on Earth. Each necklace is individually handcrafted by Mary Margaret Andrew, with a black diamond representing carbon (the central element in RNA, which originated life), pink tourmaline (delivering borate needed to stabilize ribose, the "R" in RNA), blue apatite (delivering the phosphate of RNA), and olive green peridot (the serpentinizing mineral that provides the alkali that gets it all to work together).

Below are three designs for the origins of life jewelry. For more expensive items, please contact origins@ffame.org.

7 mm black diamond$122.30 (plus shipping)

5 mm black diamond$112.30 (plus shipping)

5 mm black diamond$106.30 (plus shipping)

We thank NASA and STScI for the image of the Milky Way.
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